Delivering to Livermore

  • By Staff Employee
  • 18 Aug, 2017

We are now delivering organic awesome pot to Livermore CA

At DOAP we honestly care more about our clients than we do about trying to get rich quick. To us this is not a game of who can deliver some weed to you the fastest.    We deliver organic awesome pot to Livermore, San Ramon andsurrounding cities!  

If you are the type of person that smokes yourself dry and then panics about getting a super fast delivery within 30 minutes, we may not be the best club for you. If on the other hand you are a little more structured in your life and can plan your next medicine order an hour or two (or maybe even a day or two ) in advance we might be just the collective you have been looking for.

If it is important for you to deal with knowledgeable business professionals who are discreet and respectful, and who operate on a true business platform, we are the best choice. If getting top value for every dollar you spend, whether it is top shelf or value line, is important to you, then yes, you owe it to yourself to talk with us and find out why we are so unique and different from most of the "we can have it there the fastest" services out there.

We never carry bulk products in the car and make up orders on the fly. Your medicine is stored in an environment controlled shop. Your order is made up specifically for you, and many times will contain free samples of strains or products that we feel might interest you. We have implemented value pricing, where you get discounts based on your overall order, not just the quantity of a single strain.

With us if you order 4 different eighths, it will be priced as a half ounce purchase rather than a 4 single eighths purchase. We do this to encourage our clients to have more than one strain of medicine. The medicine will not only be more effective if not used continually, and you will enjoy using different types of medicine for different times of the day or night, and you won't grow tired of having to use the same medicine over and over as it becomes less and less effective for you.

Thank You for visiting our site. Please take the time to look over our menu. We work hard to bring our members the best choices of the highest quality marijuana. We also try to keep our prices to a minimum. We also pride ourselves in being among the most knowledgeable in the industry. If you are not already a member of doap, I hope that you will consider joining us today so that we can make your satisfaction our #1 goal!

All the best, team

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