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What is Cannabis Rosin?

Rosin is a chemical free marijuana concentrate

Frankly, cannabis rosin is new to me and I thought I’d share what little I’ve learned about it so far.  Cannabis rosin is the cheapest and safest full melt, dab-friendly cannabis concentrate.  Most importantly it is free of any chemicals!

In doing away with butane, propane, alcohol, CO2 and other solvent-based methods, rosin is easily one of the safest ways to produce highly desirable cannabis concentrates.

  • Rosin is 100 percent free of solvents
  • Rosin is just as potent as BHO and other concentrates, typically in the 70 percent range
  • Rosin extraction is extremely safe
  • Blue Frost Rosin is extracted from premium quality material
  • Rosin can be manipulated into nearly all popular textures or consistencies, such as shatter, wax, or crumble.

My favorite way to do it is to just put a warm glob on top of a fresh bowl of green.  Go easy because it will burn for a long time.  So enjoy this chemical free way to experience a next-gen natural concentrate.

Blue Frost Rosin 1g – $55