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Our mission is to provide independent marijuana businesses around the world with state of the art technology and infrastructure.  

We provide integrated sales, marketing, telephony, call center and web services to help build retail pot businesses as well as host a robust wholesale marketplace for members.

Delivering Organic Awesome Pot aka Doap (https://www.doap.com) is a cooperative of independently owned and operated cannabis delivery services.   Each owner/operator decides what name their physical storefront will go by in their respective areas.  Each owner/operator maintains control of what items they sell in their respective areas. 

Areas are broken down into cities.  Doap will only work with one owner/operator per city.  An owner/operator may manage several cities, each being a distinct and unique website.

If you are a licensed marijuana business owner and are interested in using the Doap platform for your retail presence feel free to reach out to us at info@doap.com.

All our best!
-the doap team