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Speedy Cannabis Delivery

New service in Danville

These are exciting times at…  Deliveries are getting faster as we begin to expand into new areas!  The latest location is Danville.  Order at or call 925-718-7750 and place your order over the phone.  While we officially say delivery times are 1-4 hrs, we are often getting orders to customers as quickly as […]

Rosin is a chemical free marijuana concentrate

What is Cannabis Rosin?

Frankly, cannabis rosin is new to me and I thought I’d share what little I’ve learned about it so far.  Cannabis rosin is the cheapest and safest full melt, dab-friendly cannabis concentrate.  Most importantly it is free of any chemicals! In doing away with butane, propane, alcohol, CO2 and other solvent-based methods, rosin is easily […]

Black Diamond Kush

Black Diamond Kush

This strain is a bit expensive but very interesting. Personally I think this is too expensive but if you want to try a truly boutique bud this is a fun choice. Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% SativaTHC: 18% – 24%, CBN: 1% Black Diamond Kush is the medical marijuana strain which is […]

5% off on cannabis deliveries

Happy July 4th!

If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter you will receive a code that will get you 5% off on all your orders during the month of July.   Watch for the keyword coupon code in the header of the newsletter in your inbox. Thanks for being a valued customer!  We love you!

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain

Girl Scout Cookies in stock!

GSC is one of our favorite strains! One of our all time favorite strains is back!  We have had a heck of a time getting restocked with this one but we’re all good now!  GSC is available in San Ramon, Livermore, Danville, and San Ramon locations. Place orders at the location of your choice. Girl […]

0 comments delivering organic awesome pot to northern ca

Delivering Organic Artisanal Pot

Delivering Organic Artisinal Pot We love delivering organic artisinal pot right to your door!  We service primarily the East Bay in Northern California. is a marijuana delivery service serving the Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Livermore, Danville and surrounding cities. See our menu, reviews, deals, and photos. Prop 64 friendly First of all Doap is a marijuana […]


Is Jerky good for you? Yes!

COMING SOON! Beef jerky infused… Keep your eyes out for our infused beef jerky will be coming to the shop soon finally a savory option for consumers of edibles! Beef jerky is high in protein and doesn’t raise your level of insulin, a hormone that signals your body to store fat. That makes it an […]


High Society Cartridges now in stock!

We now carry assorted varieties of 500mg High Society standard pen cartridges.   High Society is a top quality Cannabis Oil cartridge. The 500mg Oil Cartridge is always among the highest rated cartridges on the market. The buds unique taste has been preserved and captured and is notable as you vape. Standard pen style screw […]


The Banana Kush is here!

Its Here! We’ve finally gotten our hands on that elusive strain. Banana Kush is now available in Livermore, San Ramon and Walnut Creek! An Epic Strain Banana Kush is an indica dominant hybrid cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze to create buds that taste and smell like a bunch of fresh bananas! Smell Like Banana? Let […]


Now serving Napa!

In addition to Livermore, San Ramon and Walnut Creek, we are now serving Napa and the surrounding towns.

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